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Episode 05: Top 5 Mistakes First Responders Make Staying Strong For 911 Shifts
Episode 53rd July 2022 • 911 Shift Ready • Andi Clark
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Top 5 Mistakes First Responders Make Staying Strong For 911 Shifts

In this episode, Andi shares the top 5 mistakes first responders make trying to stay strong for the job. Learn more on how to support yourself while working on a 911 shift.

What You'll Learn:

➡️Working out like a civilian can actually do more harm for you than good.

➡️Relying on coffee or energy drinks is a signal from your body that it's not recovering.

➡️Intermittent fasting, keto is not good for first responders because it actually perpetuates and puts you further into burnout.

➡️ Being tired is not the best way to put yourself to sleep on any shift schedule.

➡️ Alcohol is not a sleep aid.

➡️And a lot more!

Favorite Quote

“When you work a shift work, you can’t rely on your body knowing what to do when. It needs some help and guidance from you.” Andi Clark

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