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Tips to get promising returns on your investment
Episode 2320th January 2023 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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“End of the day we are emotional beings and we get carried away with trends”- Malay Damania.

Tune into this insightful episode where your host Malay Damania is in conversation with Sharad Sharma who talks about the most essential points to consider while investing in the stock market.

Key Takeaways

  • People go through a lot of biases while investing in the stock market. For example, they buy when the market is up and sell when the market is low. It's essential to stay away from such biases and noise.
  • The 5 drivers of the market are:
  1. Inflation
  2. Interest Rate
  3. Credit Offtake
  4. Profit
  5. Valuation
  • Questions to ask your fund manager:
  1. What is the risk hidden in the scheme?
  2. What is the contour load in the scheme?
  3. When can I exit or withdraw my money?
  4. What is the expense of the scheme?
  5. Does it suit my risk portfolio?

“Simple things work and compound better”- Sharad Sharma. 

Listen to the entire episode to understand how you can navigate your way around stocks and mutual funds to create wealth from them.

About the guest

Our guest is Sharad Sharma who is a Certified Financial Planner and a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. He has worked with top financial institutions at senior positions , the last being in 2016 at Yes Bank as Regional Head. He has also worked for 7 years with UTI Asset Management and this is where most of his learnings on the stock market happened. He is also a Trainer who teaches personal finance and conducts many investor education programs for corporates, their senior management, and middle management employees.

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