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Meet Raghav's Mom
Episode 328th March 2020 • Raising Rare • Raising Rare
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“The name Raising Rare means a lot to me. It conveys exactly the journey we are on. It is very close to my heart and I wanted to do a logo. I wanted to show that there are three of us on this journey, the two of us and Raghav.”   Ramya (a.k.a. Raghav’s Mom)

Sanath is not in this fight alone. He has a wonderful partner, his wife Ramya. In this episode we get to hear Ramya’s story and how she is using her skills and strengths to generate awareness and resources. 

We get a glimpse into why they are such good partners – they look at the situation differently. Sanath sees the community as a source of knowledge and diverse perspectives. Ramya sees the community they are building as a family, a source of shared support. She turns to the SSMD and hypotonia communities for ideas and information about managing everyday challenges. 

Both Sanath and Ramya bring a relentless optimism and resilience to this fight. That spirit shines through in this discussion with the couple.