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#23 Bobby Lind - Hidden Value: Real Estate Representation
Episode 231st December 2019 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I’m joined by Real Estate Broker Bobby Lind with Carr Healthcare Realty. In our discussion we talk about:

  • Bobby’s path to be a healthcare-specific real estate pro.
  • What is tenant representation and why it’s so important?
  • How to think about the buy/lease question all veterinarians think about.
  • The mistakes made by veterinarians when they go through the process the first time.
  • The process of looking for space and why the process starts from the first call to a landlord.
  • The costs behind a clinic buildout and how a longer-term lease can lessen those costs.
  • How far away can you move a clinic before you should worry about losing clients?
  • When should you start the renegotiation process with a current landlord?
  • A success story and how free rent played a role in the process. Yes, that is a very real thing…
  • The tangible amount of money a lease or buy decision can have on your business profits.


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