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What Poetry Teaches Children About Beauty.
Episode 827th October 2022 • This is Beauty • Nina Kins
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What, if anything, can poetry teach our children about the concept of Beauty, and how can it be used to help them better understand and express their feelings?  

To answer these and other questions, we turned to award-winning children's author, and poet, Marilyn Singer, a former school teacher who has authored more than 100 books of poetry and fiction, plus many other genres for both children and young adults. 

In this episode of the podcast, we get to talk about:

  • poetry’s value as a teaching tool
  • Marilyn’s work as a teacher, poet and author
  • what poetry teaches children about Beauty
  • using poetry to help instill children with a love of words and language
  • why so many adults seem to lose touch with their imagination and sense of wonder about the world
  • how poetry can help children learn to better express their feelings
  • recommended children’s authors, poets and poems

This episode’s beautiful experience! 

We also get to hear Marilyn read from her work, including several Reversos, plus a Shakespeare sonnet on Beauty.

About our Guest

Marilyn Singer’s work has been widely recognized by both critics and educators for its innovative ideas and creative use of language, and has appeared in multiple best-of booklists, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Times Magazine and Publisher's Weekly to name just a few. Marilyn is also widely credited with inventing an entirely new form of poetry called the “Reverso”. To learn more about Marilyn, her books, and her work visit, or the author’s bio page at

To learn more about the authors, poets and poems listed in this podcast, see the episode page at, or simply click the links below. 




Poetry Foundation


Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Pied Beauty, Gerard Manley Hopkins

Spring and Fall, Gerard Manley Hopkins

Fern Hill, Dylan Thomas

Sonnet 83, Shakespeare

My Last Duchess, Robert Browning


Louisa Adams

Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower

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