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Real Construction Talk E14: Dealing with Burnout
Episode 1420th November 2023 • Real Construction Talk • Compass Leadership
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Delve into the challenges of end-of-year burnout in the construction industry. As a seasoned contractor, Derek shares insights, strategies, and the importance of honesty in managing team fatigue and expectations during this crucial period. Join the discussion on combating burnout and ensuring a strong finish amidst seasonal shifts in the construction world.

Burnout is very real and hard to navigate in the construction industry. Workers tend to push through and not talk about what they are feeling and owners tend to keep the ball rolling without knowing when to take a break. In this episode, we talk about ways to elevate burnout and warning signs. If you don't deal with burnout, your team and company morale will drop and bad decisions could be made that cost time and more money in the future