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[EP3] 6 reasons why corporate endings matter
Episode 31st April 2019 • Leadership Behind the Scenes • Noomi Natan
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People are actually OK getting fired. Of course, no likes it. But we get that organisations change shape frequently and that means shifting of roles and responsibilities. But we’re certainly not OK with HOW the ending is conducted most of the time.

The how of an ending has massive implications for how you feel about yourself, the organisation you’re leaving and the beginning that needs to come after.

In this episode I share 6 reasons why corporate endings really matter and my top tip for what you can do, if you’re standing in front of a job ending, to make that ending as good as possible.

And if you’re the messenger, that needs to tell someone else, that they no longer have a job, I share my top tip for how you can make that experience just that little bit better.





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