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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 45, 6th April 2021
From Homeless to Hollywood with Dean Aguilar
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From Homeless to Hollywood with Dean Aguilar

Do you know how to use online platforms to grow your business? Wouldn't it be easier to connect with your audience if you have a solid social media presence? Listen up and learn how to grow your brand and your voice.  In today's episode, Sharran chats with powerhouse entrepreneur Dean Aguilar to discuss what it takes to scale a business using social media and the right people on your side. Dean is the CEO of a leading brand consulting agency, Digital Muse. He is also the founder of two real estate companies, the Xavier Dean Realty, and the Dean Aguilar Group.

“The moment I was okay with being vulnerable, which most people cannot do, everything changed.”

- Dean Aguilar



00:00 How to build your brand using social media

08:58 Dean’s advice to people who want to grow their business

12:25 Learning other platforms

17:59 How do you ask people to promote you

25:40 Running ad campaigns

28:27 Dean’s content creation strategy

33:43 Why people are afraid to be vulnerable 

38:20 Support from your inner circle

42:37 Grow your audience, then find your voice



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