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WHH010: The Confession episode! How to Serve Coffee with a Bic Pen. - Jenny Powers
20th July 2016 • The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood • Heather Havenwood | Haven Media Network
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I laughed so hard during this episode, that I think I tinkled in my Yoga pants. Listen and Laugh with Jenny Powers and I as we together discover how she became a presenter on Ted Talk™ but started out by making bad curdled coffee for a millionaire baseball player. Through near NEW life motto “Choose Your Own Adventure” (which she tattooed on her body) she has created a New Sassy Secret Society in New York and soon to be all over the USA “Running with Heels” Jenny’s Real Life, truthful and funny stories with inspire you, have you laugh and bring you to the question: Are you choosing your own adventure?” 

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Heather Havenwood
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