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No. 1 Skill for Leaders: Self Awareness
Episode 59th November 2021 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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‘Follow those who seek the truth, run from those who claim they’ve found it.’ -- Voltaire

Your influence as a leader will be directly limited by your own level of self-awareness. It’s not about letting others’ perceptions affect who you are and how you act, but acknowledging the issues that may keep others from hearing your message, making a buying decision or following your leadership in an organization or team.

Tips to growing your own self-awareness

  • Journal your experiences
  • Grow your Emotional Intelligence
  • Pay Attention to External Triggers
  • Elicit Feedback from TRUSTED sources
  • Identify Your Core Values and Align Them with Your Behaviours
  • Practice Mindfullness

It’s not a magic bullet (because there isn’t one) but it is a roadmap for anyone to find more self-awareness and therefore improve their leadership potential and impact on others.

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