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How To Create Neurotic Students
Episode 3914th May 2024 • The Catholic Teacher Podcast • Jonathan Doyle
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Join global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle on this episode of the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast as he delves into the intersection of faith, education, and modern challenges. This week, Jonathan shares his reflections on Abigail Shrier’s thought-provoking book, Bad Therapy, and discusses the impact of current mental health practices on young people. Recovering from a serious accident, Jonathan also opens up about his personal journey of resilience and gratitude, emphasizing the importance of community, service, and a strong faith foundation. Tune in to explore how Catholic educators can foster a supportive environment that nurtures both the mind and soul. Don't miss Jonathan's insights on integrating faith into our response to the growing mental health crisis among youth. Subscribe now and leave a review to support the podcast!

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