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26: Unlocking the Profits in Couple Therapy
11th June 2015 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Welcome!  My guest today is Alexandra Saperstein, who is a licensed professional counselor in Portland, OR.  Alexandra has worked in full-time private practice specializing in couples therapy for over five years.

Alexandra worked in Bulgaria for the Peace Corps from 1998-2000.  She gained a philosophy from this work that carries over to her therapy work today.  A Peace Corps supervisor told her, “We want you to work yourself out of a job.”  She tells couples that her goal with their therapy is to “work herself out of a job.”  Her desire is to help the couple, and then send them on to enjoy doing other things with their time and money that are much more enjoyable than therapy sessions!

In our conversation, Alexandra gives insight about the following topics:

  • Alexandra’s interest in couples’ therapy stemmed from the transformation she witnessed in her parents!
  • Couples’ therapy differs in some ways than other therapies because of the pain and level of crisis.
  • Alexandra’s philosophy has been formed by her advanced training at the Gottman Institute in Seattle and her RLT (Relational Life Therapy) training through Terry Real in Boston.  She is an interactive and confrontational therapist.
  • Couples’ therapy calls for longer sessions.  Alexandra offers sessions ranging from 90 minutes to as long as an all-day session!
  • Alexandra offers FREE 15-20-minute phone consultations to help ensure a “good fit” between the couple and herself.
  • Alexandra freely offers referrals to specially-trained therapists in cases of addiction and domestic violence.
  • Most clients are looking for RELIEF from the turmoil of the relationship.
  • The length of treatment time varies greatly from couple to couple.
  • Alexandra is very excited about how RLT training has made her a better therapist.  Listen to find out how!

In the Hot Couch Round, Alexandra discusses her favorite daily habit, online resource, business book, and what she would do if starting over in private practice.  Her one tip for someone starting out in private practice is this: “Don’t be afraid to make a good living, and don’t feel guilty about it!”  Join us for all these topics and SO MUCH MORE!

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