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The RE of Marketing - Steven Rick & Tim Elliott EPISODE 6, 25th September 2020
RE - Advertising
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RE - Advertising


In this episode, we talk rethinking advertising as a marketeer .

Steve & Tim believe many people look at advertising as media that is costly and quite posisbly of little return, but advertising that is a well thought out, creative, eye-catching with a clear proposition that tells a big idea can be super effective.

They discuss the advertising strategies of various brands that have really hit nail on the head, at least in terms of creating an awareness and a story in the minds of the people that they can relate to in their everyday lives. And they try and understand the thing that all these cases share in common.

Key Points:

  1. Today, social media channels are mini billboards. Utlise their potential.
  2. Create a brief for your ad. It doesn’t matter how you make it and the medium that you use to make it, the brief is important, and it should be easy to read and understand your customer.
  3. The ultimate goal of advertising should be to reach and resonate with the audience at a certain level with the least effort. To do that we need knowledge and to understand the experience i.e. know your audience.
  4. The image that your brand can portray is also dependent on how much you understand your market and your role within that market. The better you understand what you want to do and how this is helping people then the more effectively you are able to advertise and sell the idea to the people that can be your customers.
  5. The advertisement must create a need for the customer that they want to buy and learn more about the product or service and create a sense of interest in them.
  6. Sell the solution and then place the product as the tool that will help to achieve that.



01:00- Advertising on phones

03:00 - What is advertising?

07:00 - Money’s importance in Advertisement

12:00 - Great ad examples

21:00 - Making stories resonate with people

25:00 - Emotional and cultural connect

30:00 - advertising common products

35:00 - What an advert should do.

41:00 - Rules of a good advert

“Good Brands don’t give something to buy to but they give something to buy in.”

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