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Adulting with Ebonie - Ebonie Allard EPISODE 110, 9th January 2020
The One About Endings And Beginnings
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The One About Endings And Beginnings

In this solo episode of ‘Adulting With Ebonie’, I’m talking about Endings and Beginnings as season one of ‘Adulting with Ebonie’ draws to a close...

Fav quotes from this episode:

“I’ve been doing a lot of internal reflection about what the end of this decade means to me.”

“Are you willing to say ‘No’ in order to create space?”

“There are always going to be endings and beginnings in our lives.”

“There have been so many interesting conversations that we’ve had since December 2017 and I want to continue to have incredible conversations with incredible people”

In this episode I talk about:

  • The importance of reviewing the last decade, and establishing what exactly the protagonist of your story (you) gets to do in the next chapter. 
  • A review of the last 109 episodes and the topics we have covered from the first ever guest episode of Adulting with Ebonie back in December 2017 with Thais Sky on the topic of Bypassing and Privilege.
  • The episodes of ‘Adulting With Ebonie’ that touched on the topic of personal boundaries and relationships - starting from episode four with Amy Mitchell, I’ve talked about relationships with so many of my guests; I chatted with Nadia Munla about Tantrums, discussed communication with Elloa and Nige, and talked about resilience with Ty Johnson Anderson.  We also explored the masculine and feminine with Sarah Akwisombe in ‘Yin and Yang in Business’ - something I’ll be exploring in greater depth this season. Some of the most popular episodes of the series include ‘Choosing Not To Have Children’ with Diana Mayor, as well as conversations on infertility with Alice Fyles and surrogacy with JoAn Richardson. I also discussed the topic of intimacy with Stacey Hererra and the issue of co-dependent behaviour with Jo Westwood.
  • The episodes of ‘Adulting with Ebonie’ that focused on body, health and wellbeing, including the episode on body rebellion and listening with Stella Stathi, talking about holistic health with Jo Gamble and breaking out of diet culture with Harri Rose.  I also chatted with Hazel Butler about mental health and Sam Hearne about overcoming anxiety.
  • How many of the most popular episodes of this season touched on the idea of spirituality and self, including the episode on Spirituality and Money with Sarupa Shah, conversations on intuition with Sam Mant, a discussion on Jungian Personality Typing with CS Joseph and the episode on Lucid Dreaming and Shadow Work with Charlie Morley.
  • That we’ve talked money this season too, from the ‘Juicy Sexy Money’ episode with Lara Rose Duong to my conversation with Rosie Sloesek about business finances and self-care

Plus, I talk about going deeper with my guests next season, and the changes coming up in Season 2 of ‘Adulting With Ebonie’.