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Memoir recommendations & Mercy Street Book Club
Episode 1516th September 2022 • The Readerly Report • Readerly
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In this episode, Gayle and Nicole give us numerous memoir book recommendations. If you are into this genre you will find this show exciting and surely you will hear some good reads to get on your shelf. The hosts also do the book club discussion about 'Mercy Street' by Jennifer Haigh.

As always you can find below the whole booklist they run through during the episode:

The Missing Treasures of Amy Ashton by Eleanor Ray | Amazon | Bookshop

This Is Not A Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan | Amazon | Bookshop

All of This by Rebecca Woolf by Amazon | Bookshop

Normal Family by Chryta Bilton | Amazon | Bookshop

Solito by Javier Zamora | Amazon | Bookshop

A Place Called Home by David Ambroz | Amazon | Bookshop

Firebrand: A Tobacco Lawyer's Journey by Joshua Knelman | Amazon | Bookshop

The It Girl by Ruth Ware | Amazon | Bookshop

Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Crosby | Amazon | Bookshop

Razorblade Tears by S.A. Crosby | Amazon | Bookshop

I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy | Amazon | Bookshop

Notes on A Silencing by Lacy Carwford | Amazon | Bookshop

Token Black Girl by Danielle Prescod | Amazon | Bookshop

Know My Name by Chanel Miller | Amazon | Bookshop

Reading Lolita In Tehran by Nazar Afisi | Amazon | Bookshop

Read Dangerously: The Subversive Power of Literature in Troubled Times by Nazar Afisi | Amazon | Bookshop

Easy Beauty by Chloe Cooper Jones | Amazon | Bookshop

Memorial Drive: A Daughter's Memoir by Natasha Tretheway | Amazon | Bookshop

Quit As A Woman by Holly Whitaker | Amazon | Bookshop

Mercy Street by Jennifer Haigh | Amazon | Bookshop





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