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Georgia Travel Guide Part 1: Unmissable Destinations and Hidden Gems to Explore
Episode 3326th July 2023 • Tbilisi Podcast • Food Fun Travel,, Eat This! Food & Wine Tours
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Get ready to dive into the awesome world of Georgia in this super fun 2-part series with your hosts, Meg & Tom. They're spilling the beans on the absolute Best Places in Georgia that you gotta add to your travel wish list!

In Part One, they're gonna take you on a wild ride through the most popular hotspots and some secret gems you didn't even know existed. From the buzzing streets of Tbilisi to the cool coastal vibes of Batumi in the Adjara region, they've got you covered.

Hold on tight as they whisk you away to the stunning mountains of Svaneti and the land of heavenly wines, Kakheti. You won't believe the hidden treasures they've uncovered, like Bolnisi & Kvemo Kartli, and the lesser-known regions of Shida Kartli & Gori – they're absolute must-sees!

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So, grab your snacks, kick back, and let Meg & Tom be your guides to an unforgettable Georgia adventure. Happy listening and happy travels, everyone!