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“Overnight Flight Bui-Lay” by SignificantOtter (part 2 of 2) [18+]
23rd September 2022 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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[18+] While visiting a country that holds onto the backwards ideas of Pokemon as pets and unequal partners, a buizel named Calla struggles to make her own independent way. When her flight home is delayed, she must rely on a human stranger, Avi, to help her through the discriminatory customs of the Kanto airport. However, the two soon find themselves sharing a more intimate connection.

Today’s story is the second and final part of “Overnight Flight Bui-Lay” by SignificantOtter, who writes about Pokémon and kobolds under their penname BuiTales and has been published in anthologies such as Fang 9 by Furplanet. You can find more of their stories as BuiTales on or mentioned on their twitter, @RunningOtter.

Last time, Calla, an independently traveling buizel, commiserated with a human Avi, as both ran into their own difficulties booking a hotel room in the Kanto airport. Avi’s company didn’t refill his corporate debit card for his last day of travel, while Calla was infuriatingly treated as a second-class citizen requiring a human’s sponsorship to book a hotel room in the backwards country.

They booked a room together, Avi acting as Calla’s sponsor while she paid for the room itself, and then escaped to a pleasant dinner where they talked their troubles away. On returning to the hotel room, Calla guiltily invited Avi to share the single, small bed. There, she realized that the two shared a mutual attraction. Despite her frustration with humans, she made the snap decision to invite the man to explore her body.

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