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Go Beyond Numbers - Support for Families and Children Experiencing Loss with Kelly Thomas-Boyers
Episode 174th April 2024 • Go Beyond Numbers • Tony Rose
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In this heartfelt episode of Go Beyond Numbers, we delve into the profound topic of supporting families and children experiencing loss. Our special guest, Kelly Thomas-Boyers, Co-Founder of Adam's Place and Camp Cope, brings her personal journey of navigating grief and loss to the forefront, offering insights and empathy for those facing similar challenges.

Kelly's journey is not just one of personal loss but also of resilience and compassion. Through her own experiences, she recognized the critical need for support systems for families and children grappling with the complexities of grief. With this realization, she co-founded Adam's Place and Camp Cope, organizations dedicated to providing solace, understanding, and guidance to individuals navigating the turbulent waters of loss.

Through Adam's Place and Camp Cope, Kelly and her team provide a safe haven for individuals to share their stories, find comfort in community, and discover pathways to healing.


0:00 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the show

3:30 - Kelly's own personal tragedy in life

8:28 - Organizational structure to Adam's Place and Camp Cope

12:05 - Families dealing with unresolved grief

16:10 - Gang violence being a reaction to grief

22:08 - Kelly's conference and helping educate professionals on dealing with grief

27:54 - Are there resources in every city for people to get relief and help?

35:06 - Receiving national recognition and making a bigger impact

39:40 - Look around at your friends. Are there people needing support?

44:00 - Promotional video showcasing what Adam's Place and Camp Cope do for families

49:36 - Closing remarks

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