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The EIS Navigator - Brian Moretta, Hardman & Co EPISODE 8, 22nd September 2020
8 - Andreas Roald on making and investing in films
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8 - Andreas Roald on making and investing in films

Film investing through EIS has changed radically since the Patient Capital Review. Andeas Roald is CEO of Sovereign Media, whose background is in making films rather than simply financing them, talks about the return to more traditional structures.

We go through some of the basics of film investing, discussing where and how investors get their returns. Distribution is key, and the landscape is changing rapidly. We discuss video-on-demand services and how to get the best deal from them. We also go into the effect COVID-19 is having, both on distribution and production, finding the pluses as well as the minuses.

Sovereign Media Group

Sovereign Films

Suggested books:

Two Against Hitler - Isabel Vincent (released May 2021)

Dinner with Edward - Isabel Vincent

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