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Leading a Noble Mission: Gretchen Smith with Code of Vets
4th June 2021 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Regardless of what branch of the military they served in, veterans rely upon their training to remain strong and tough. But sometimes, what they experienced during active duty makes it difficult for them to transition back into civilian life. When that is the case, they need to be connected with the right kind of assistance.

Sgt. Danny E. Smiley served in the Airborne Infantry for two tours in Vietnam. The trauma he experienced while he was in the jungle started his battle with PTSD. He struggled throughout his adult life and eventually lost the battle. His daughter, Air Force Veteran Gretchen Smith, wanted to take action to honor his memory, and so she founded Code of Vets, a 501c3 organization that connects veterans with the resources they need through social media.

In this episode of Veteran Voices, produced in partnership with Vets2Industry, Scott Luton interviews Gretchen Smith about:

· The instant exposure to diversity that serving in the military offers, and how that can very quickly broaden someone’s perspective and understanding of others

· The complex web of emotions, hardships, and tradeoffs veterans have to navigate before they can determine the right way to seek the help they need

· The “hidden needs” that Code of Vets is meeting for veterans that pass away without family or end-of-life plans in place

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