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Meditation Doesn’t Have to be Hard or Take Hours
Episode 143rd May 2021 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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Terry teaches adults and kids--imagine that--how to meditate. Our conversation was different than any others I've had about meditation in that, Terry makes the how to, simple.

He has helped clients get out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy ones, launch their business, start their careers, and explore their inner spirituality by teaching them meditation and coaching them into fulfillment.

As in we don't have to sit in a certain position, clear our minds completely--have you tried that lately--or go deep.

He told me, "I find it hilarious that I'm teaching this, while of all the wonderful skills that we've developed in the world, all the advances in technology, we have yet to really understand the breath and the value of it."

If you breathe, you are valuable. Think about the power in that.

"Why am I not able to build a consistent practice?" Terry says he thinks it's because we put too much emphasis on the idea of sitting and closing our eyes in contemplation. I have to agree but isn't that what we are supposed to do?

Not at all. There are many levels of consciousness and therefore many levels of meditation. How big is the question you are trying to answer? That can determine how deep you go.

Terry's book is, Meditate, Breathe into the Meditation and Awaken Your Potential, you can purchase it as an audio book or paperback.

His website is here:

You can find him on IG.

And Facebook