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Valley Pride Sales: Making a Name for Brussel Sprouts
Episode 214th October 2021 • Field to Fork • Made With Bacon
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In this episode of Field to Fork, we make our way to the northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest to the Skagit Valley, where the Skagit River flows from its origins in the Canadian Cascades through over 93,000 acres of active farmland. But farming is just one step in creating a local food system -- getting fresh produce to markets and restaurants is another essential part of the process, and it’s in this role that Valley Pride Sales has grown to become one of the largest handlers of fresh produce in Western Washington. 

In addition to handling sales for local family farms, Valley Pride has its own growing, packing, and cooling operations, annually farming thousands of acres of produce from the Skagit Valley, including one crop that they’re particularly proud of and famous for: brussel sprouts. (Also known as Brussels sprouts, depending on who you ask!)

To learn more about Valley Pride Sales and how they’ve grown into the biggest Brussel(s) sprouts purveyor in the state, we spoke with Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Valley Pride Sales, David Clark.

We’ll hear firsthand...

What makes the Skagit Valley such a special place for growing produce.

The unique challenges of farming in this area of Washington state.

Is it Brussels Sprouts or brussel sprouts?? Hear what might be a controversial answer!

How Valley Pride’s brussel sprouts are grown, harvested and distributed.

How to store, cook, and enjoy these seasonal-favorite vegetables.

Why Brussels sprouts grown in Washington might be some of the best in the world.

And more!

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