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1007 – B2B Video Ad Marketing with Umault’s Guy Bauer
10th December 2021 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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On the show today is Guy Bauer, the Founder and Creative Director at Umault.

Umault is a boutique video marketing agency that helps B2B brands create captivating content, engage the right people, and drive sales. They use their genuine empathy and unfettered imagination to burrow into your customers’ heads and emerge with insights about the things that aggravate and delight them. Then, they create riveting visual storylines that make your business prospects feel seen and understood. They make complex concepts not just simple, but sexy, cool, and compelling. By breaking rules, taking risks, and subvert industry norms to deliver truly transformative video ads.

Boring, corporate videos don’t stick in the minds of your prospects. Prospects are people just like the rest of us — they respond to emotion. Umault makes ads that make people feel something. Something they’ll remember not only tomorrow, but also years down the line. When you’re ready to make a dramatic, lasting impact, you create a B2B video with Umault. They concept, script, and oversee B2B ad campaigns that turn ordinary businesses into extraordinary brands.

Guy has been making commercial videos for over 20 years and is the author of “Death to the Corporate Video: A Modern Approach that Works.” He started the agency in 2010 after a decade of working in TV, film and radio.

He has a track record of going above and beyond what’s typically asked of a video production company. Guy is passionate about the creative process and cares deeply for the people on his team. He remains calm in stressful situations and excels in client service. He surrounds himself with experts in the field and doesn’t hesitate to ask for critical feedback to improve outcomes – an uncommon trait among many creatives in leadership. Aside from his passion and knowledge in this field, Guy is a great communicator among the people his works with.

Guy understands that a business won’t be watching your ad — a human will. And humans want to feel delighted. But making a delightful video isn’t all there is to it. The magic comes from unlocking a totally original idea that resonates. By telling stories that thrill and delight, while hitting all of your key messages and business prompts.

When working with Guy and his team you would work with a bunch of down-to-earth people who just plain love what they do. Surrounding their selves with people who aren’t afraid to take bold chances on great ideas. Creativity requires trust, and they can’t trust people who they can’t be their selves with. And for another, their secret mission is to create unforgettable video marketing campaigns that help underdog businesses feel deeply, deeply cool about what they do. He’ll generate offbeat visual storylines calibrated to make your business prospects feel seen and understood.

In B2B marketing, the idea is everything, and Guy is a professional idea-finders. He’ll bring your concept to the big screen and get your ad in front of the right people, and they’ll be inspired to take action. So, ditch the corporate video and make something magnificent with Guy.

Learn more about Umault and what Guy does as Founder and Creative Director on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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