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Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Improve Your Auto Repair Shop[E141]
Episode 14111th December 2023 • Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz • Chris Cotton
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In this podcast episode, Coach Chris Cotton and Coach Brent discuss the importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) in auto repair businesses. They share experiences of shop owners they've coached, emphasizing the need for change, accountability, and action to improve efficiency and profitability. They also discuss the challenges of marketing and increasing customer count, recommending networking and community involvement. The coaches encourage struggling shop owners to seek help and utilize resources like their podcast, and stress the importance of continuous improvement for business success.

The importance of implementing changes and holding shop owners accountable (00:02:10) Discusses the challenge of implementing changes and the importance of holding shop owners accountable for progress and success.

The importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) (00:04:15) Highlights the significance of having standard operating procedures in every business and the benefits they bring to efficiency and job completion.

Overcoming bad habits and outdated procedures (00:08:22) Addresses the impact of bad habits learned from previous owners and the need to update outdated procedures in the auto repair business.

Implementing DVIs and SOPs (00:11:35) Discussion on the importance of implementing digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in auto repair shops.

Transitioning to Digital DVIs (00:11:48) Talk about a shop in Kansas transitioning from handwritten inspections to digital DVIs, and the positive impact it has had on their business.

Building Value for Customers' Vehicles (00:14:54) Emphasizing the importance of sharing good pictures during DVIs to build value for customers' vehicles and improve customer satisfaction.

The distractions that can hinder business success (00:20:33) The importance of setting aside distractions and focusing on the business to ensure its success and stability.

Making changes to improve the business (00:21:13) The positive impact of implementing changes in the business, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), and how it can lead to improved financial outcomes and reduced worries.

Challenges in increasing car count through marketing (00:22:11) The difficulties faced by a shop owner in increasing their car count through marketing efforts, and the need for persistence and patience in achieving long-term marketing success.

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