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S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 8 - Daraine Delevante Pt. 2
Episode 82nd March 2022 • S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK • J Haleem
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Daraine Delevante, known as the “Credit Hero,” is also an Army vet. Daraine’s beginnings with credit and understanding consumer law did not occur until he came to the United States, from his native country, Jamaica. After joining the military and losing his job, he began his credit journey that took from a 604 (on Credit Karma) to over an 800, multiple times. Daraine has been where you are, especially if you have struggled with bad credit. In this conversation with J Haleem, Daraine takes a deep dive into the basic credit knowledge we all need to know, why it’s important to leave credit education to your children, and why late payments are illegal. NOTE: This episode is being released in a two-part series. 

Part Two - Daraine Delevante - “The Credit Hero” 

To listen to part one, click here:

1:06:00 - J Haleem and Daraine pick up having a conversation about trap money. Daraine asks the pertinent question of, “what if?” 

1:09:00 - “You’re used to moving bricks. What about freight now?”

1:11:00 - J Haleem touches on and reiterates the importance of sharing knowledge through his 


1:14:00 - You can live the life you want, but it comes with hard work.

1:16:00 - J Haleem and Daraine have a conversation about charge-offs

1:17:00 - J Haleem asked as a person who educates on consumer credit law, when do you advise someone to pay their bills. 

1:19:00 - Daraine shares his advice and reasons why you should not pay collection companies

1:21:00 - The homebuying process and debt collection 

1:23:00 - The importance of being proactive

1:25:00 - Living paycheck-to-paycheck, will never be enough 

1:27:00 - Consumer Law: 15-USC-1681A 

1:30:00 - What should not be on your consumer report

1:33:33 - Daraine reiterates what your consumer credit report should NOT contain and why certain factors are strictly for your FICO score. 

1:36:36 - Tell your own “credit,” story

1:38:06 - Daraine speaks on what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to him

1:41:00 - Grab Daraine’s special eBook bundle EXCLUSIVELY for S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk audience members here:

1:44:00 - J Haleem speaks on the importance of giving yourself a shot 

1:46:20 - J Haleem speaks on what lead him to create the #iwontstarve movement 

1:53:00 - J Haleem thanked everyone for listening.