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Entrepreneurial Mindset with Jeannie Andresen
Episode 211st April 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode Kristin welcomes Jeannie Andresen, an Entrepreneurship Coach. After nine years in the financial services industry, Jeannie transitioned companies right before the pandemic. When she lost her job, she found courage and leaned into her intuition and started the business that has always been on her heart. She attributes her success to always having an entrepreneurial mindset, even when she was an employee.

Episode Highlights

05:45 - I never made that decision with fear in mind, I made it with my best intentions in mind of getting uncomfortable by switching industries, growing an entirely new skill set.

07:32 – I said to myself: OK, I’m grateful that this had happened, I will figure out why; and it led me to starting a business much sooner than it would have if I had resisted and pushed it away.

13:05 – If you show up feeling as though things are in your control, with confidence, with this mindset that you are a business owner, all of a sudden you begin to make decisions with more confidence.

24:45 – We never know what is holding us back unless we talk about it.

26:45 – The plan and the mindset lead to everything else.


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