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[Future of Work] Denise Wilson OBE - How the UK is Working to Achieve Gender Balance at Board Level & What Still Needs to Change
Episode 17716th May 2024 • Big Careers, Small Children • Leaders Plus
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We're delighted to welcome Denise Wilson OBE to the podcast.

Denise is the former chief executive of the FTSE Women Leaders Review and has led the UK’s business task force to increase the number of women on boards and in leadership positions.

She has made a significant contribution to gender equality in British business and is passionate about empowering women.

We discuss:

  • How the UK made such massive strides in closing the gender gap at board level
  • What still needs to change for gender equality
  • How to get to an Exec Director position
  • Why as a parent everything doesn’t need to be perfect but “good enough”

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

This episode is part of the future of work series, where we explore how work will change in the future to help everyone thrive and progress their careers equitably regardless of circumstances.

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