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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 32, 27th July 2020
What Have You Achieved During COVID-19 Lockdown
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What Have You Achieved During COVID-19 Lockdown

Be Kind To Yourself And Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

As we've been living through this pandemic and as people adjust to a new normal, I've seen lots of people and had conversation with people who are struggling with something I've discussed before, the curse of comparison.

Some people have gone through this pandemic/lockdown and taken the opportunity to improve things in their life, to learn new things, to accomplish great things and if that's you, then congratulations that’s fantastic well done to you!

But for many, this unusual strange time has simply been about survival and getting through it. It has impacted people in different ways, whether that be from a health perspective, financially, isolation, or general mental health and wellbeing.

The impact this pandemic has had, something that we've not experience in our lifetime, is something that many people have struggled to adjust to and that's not a fault or a criticism, it's just the way it is.

So, when you switch TV, or look on social media, when you read about the amazing fantastic things that some people have done, and you feel that you haven't. Firstly, it's too late, you can’t go back and change it anyway, so stop beating yourself up for what you haven’t done.

But if you have got this far, you should congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for surviving something you have never experienced before.

Whatever we experience, whatever we push through, whatever shifts and changes our comfort zones, makes us stronger, so at least acknowledge that.

And when you look at other people and compare yourself, that dos you no favours whatsoever. What you have to remember is, when you read and see someone else's highlights, you don't actually know what’s gone on, or what's going on in someone else life.

We don't see the struggles, the sacrifices, that battles, that other people may have had silently, or what's going on in other people’s minds.

You never truly know the true story from a single picture or post.

So, bear in mind, that it's not helpful to compare your life, or how your feeling with someone else's highlights.

Also, give thought to the fact that everyone is going through their own experiences, or struggles, in one way or another. So, continue to be kind to people, but most importantly start being kinder to yourself.

Remember you've got this far, you are stronger than you probably give yourself credit for.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start giving yourself credit for what you are doing.

And if there are some changes you'd like to make, if you'd wished you had made some changes, then start today.

I’ve talked about it in a previous video about the choice you have, to either leave things to do one day, or make today day one of making it happen.

So, if there is something you want to do, figure out what the next step is that you can take to help make it happen.

In summary,

Stop the curse of comparison, stop comparing yourself to other highlights and show reel.

Give yourself credit for surviving and getting to this point

And if there is anything you'd like to change, decide if you're going to make it day one to make it happen or whether you're just going to leave it chance to do it one day.

Either way it's your choice, make the decision and make it happen!

And remember what your mind believes you will achieve, so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and you can achieve the life and the goals that you want.

All the best



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