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Stressed to serene: a simple guide on how to have ice baths at home #30
Episode 3030th March 2023 • We Are Already Free • Nathan Maingard
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Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, struggling to focus, or lacking the mental and emotional resilience to face life's challenges? Are you searching for a holistic, invigorating practice to help you regain balance and inner peace? If so, you're in the right place.

Today, we're diving into the chilling world of ice baths, otherwise known as the less-exciting sounding cold immersion. That's right, we're exploring how to have ice baths at home, and trust me, it's not as daunting as it sounds!

Welcome to We Are Already Free, the podcast that sparks your inner guide to break free from internal and external limitations. I'm Nathan Maingard, breathwork facilitator, transformational guide, empowering wordsmith, ice bath fan, and your host, bringing you authentic conversations with down-to-earth visionaries who defy societal norms simply by living their rooted truth, as well as powerful tools for personal liberation. Together, let's shake off limiting beliefs and embrace the freedom within, empowering you to transform your life and deeply connect with yourself and the world. Let the transformation begin!

Ice baths have gained popularity in recent years, with countless people experiencing their incredible benefits for the mind, body, and soul. From reducing inflammation and boosting athletic performance to enhancing mental clarity and resilience, the potential advantages of ice baths are simply too good to ignore.

In this episode, I’ll share the powerful benefits of ice baths, discuss how to safely and effectively set up an ice bath at home, and share tips for maximising your experience. So, grab a warm blanket, get cozy, and let's dive into the icy depths of this transformative practice together!

And, stick around to the end for a special ice bath challenge for listeners of this podcast, with a prize included!

Some of the key topics covered in this episode:

  1. Why cold immersion and ice baths offer numerous benefits such as increased energy, reduced inflammation, improved mental clarity, and a boost in dopamine levels, resulting in increased motivation and joy.
  2. How to have ice baths at home with minimal equipment: a bathtub or container, a timer, a towel, warm clothes, and courage.
  3. Why breathwork plays a crucial role in preparing your body for ice baths.
  4. Why consistency is key in experiencing the transformative power of ice baths.
  5. How to ensure your safety and wellbeing throughout the ice bath journey.
  6. And heaps more!

Episode Highlights

  • [00:01:02] Introduction to Cold Immersion and Ice Baths
  • [00:03:15] The Benefits of Ice Baths
  • [00:05:22] Ice Bath Safety Tips and Precautions
  • [00:08:34] How to Set Up an Ice Bath at Home
  • [00:12:45] The Optimal Ice Bath Temperature
  • [00:15:12] How Long to Stay in an Ice Bath
  • [00:18:07] Tips for Building Ice Bath Tolerance
  • [00:21:58] How Often to Take Ice Baths
  • [00:24:21] The Role of Breathing Techniques in Cold Immersion
  • [00:27:46] The Pain and Pleasure of Ice Baths
  • [00:30:29] Wim Hof: The Ice Bath Guru
  • [00:33:04] Ice Bath Daily Routine Benefits
  • [00:35:18] Conclusion and Key Takeaways


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Step by Step - How to have ice baths at home:

  1. Step 1: Fill your bathtub or container with cold water. The temperature should be between 50-59°F (10-15°C). Then, add enough ice to make the water as cold as you want.
  2. Step 2: Prepare yourself mentally. Take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Remember, this is about breaking free from limitations, so embrace the challenge.
  3. Step 3: Slowly immerse yourself into the icy water. Start with your feet, then work your way up to your neck. Don't take too long! It'll be uncomfortable at first, but stay focused on your breath and try to remain calm.
  4. Step 4: Once you're fully submerged, start your timer of 1-3 minutes. If you're new to cold immersion, start with 1 minute and gradually increase your time as you become more comfortable.
  5. Step 5: Focus on your breath. Inhale deeply, then exhale slowly. This will help you stay calm and present in the experience.
  6. Step 6: When the timer goes off, slowly get out of the water and wrap yourself in a warm towel. Gently pat yourself dry and put on some warm clothes.
  7. Optional Step 7: My recommendation is do your favourite strength training workout!

Now, take a moment to reflect on your experience. How do you feel? Empowered? Refreshed? Energised? Whatever you're feeling, embrace it, and remember this moment of breaking free from your limitations.

There you have it! A simple guide to starting your cold immersion journey. As you continue to practice, you'll find that it becomes easier, and the benefits will multiply. Just remember to always prioritise safety and never push yourself too far.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Baths which I answer in this episode:

  1. Are ice baths dangerous?
  2. Why would the body react positively to something that causes pain?
  3. Will an ice bath kill fat cells? Will ice baths help lose weight?
  4. Why ice bath after workout?
  5. Can I use my bathtub as an ice bath?
  6. How many ice baths a week?
  7. When should you not ice bath?
  8. How painful are ice baths?
  9. Who is the famous ice bath guy?
  10. Why ice bath daily?
  11. How cold should an ice bath be?

It's been a pleasure.

I hope this has shown you everything you need to know about how to have ice baths at home. 

See you next week, dear wanderer...