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$40 Million Paid to GPM in Q1 2024
Episode 6010th April 2024 • The Diamond Life Mentor • Balazs W Kardos
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High-ticket network marketing might sound fancy, but it's all about building a team.

Forget about having a salesperson chasing sales alone. Here, you share how life-changing a product is with people and help others do the same. And the more people you bring on board, your team grows, and everyone climbs up the ranks.

But building a big team takes time and effort. Think of it like working out – you wouldn't expect results after one session, right? Reaching out to people, training them, and following up – that's the consistent effort that makes things happen.

In this episode, Balazs W Kardos shares a live training call on the Global Prosperity Movement community about how their team belonged to one of the top-ranking members joining Enagic's 50th Anniversary in Okinawa, Japan. 

But it did not happen overnight. Balazs started at the bottom, too, and put in all the hard work to get to where he is now. After 11 years, everything works because of compounding efforts and exponential growth. That earned them a $40M bonus for the GPM community in just 90 days!

And that $40 million in 90 days was not magic. It happened because of:

  • A product that changes lives, and people believe in
  • A generous company with leaders with a vision who inspire everyone to dream big 
  • A supportive community helping each other grow and celebrating their wins
  • Showing up every day with consistency and commitment

It's about a team that came together, shared a dream, and hustled to make it real.

"See what's possible, celebrate, and acknowledge other people. If you have bitter energy towards other people winning, other people getting big contest bonuses or any of those kinds of stuff, you're sabotaging your ability to receive that for yourself in the future." - Balazs W Kardos

Tune into this episode to implement the strategies for choosing a high-ticket business and creating a team that can make the $40M possible in 90 days.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • How can a high-ticket network marketing business compound and grow exponentially?
  • How does the direct sales business encourage teamwork?
  • What mistakes do most people make in sales?
  • How is consistency a crucial part of direct sales business success?
  • What made $40 million in 90 days possible?

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