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The Truth About Motivation | TSMP #113
Episode 11310th July 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Dissecting The Misconceptions Around Motivation

Do you often feel too tired or unmotivated to do the work that you need to do?

Being a solo entertainer is not easy. You are managing all aspects of the business single-handedly, so it is natural to lose the drive to get work done.

Let’s change that! We want you to be super enthusiastic about your business every day and here is how you can do that.

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley analyse the common misbeliefs about motivation and share practical tips to bring you back on track.

Here’s What’s Inside This Episode:

  • [00:20] How To Stay Motivated As A Solo Entertainer
  • [02:30] Two Types Of Motivation
  • [05:15] Motivation Is Not The Actual Problem
  • [07:40] Know Your ‘Why’ And Identify The Root Cause
  • [11:40] Being Vigilant About What Energises You
  • [15:15] Break It Down Into Small Tasks
  • [19:40] If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail
  • [21:00] 3 Things That You Should Manage Everyday
  • [23:00] Simple Trick To Get Started With Your Work

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