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What is the Open Relationship Roadmap?
Episode 7822nd May 2024 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode78: What is the Open Relationship Roadmap?


Today my special guest is one of our listeners, Laura Brodati.

She is a mom to two awesome little boys and works part time in her small town as a Medical Assistant.  She has been with her very supportive husband Jon for 14 years and they have recently decided to dip their toes into the world of Ethical Non-Monogamy.  They have been enjoying their journey so far and she is an avid listener of this podcast and one of my number one fans.  Ha ha  She is a fellow Disney song like me and when we finally met a month ago, we were walking the streets of Montreal singing Beauty and the Beast.  We are two peas in a pod.

Laura has been patiently waiting for my newest course, Open Relationship Roadmap: The Secrets to Success.  She was the first one to purchase it when it came out and since she was so eager to take it and finished it so quickly, I asked her to come and be a guest on the podcast and talk about the new course.

Join us as we discuss life with an open mindset and how radically different and fulfilling life can be when we put aside our programmed monomindset and become authentic.  Today we will share some of the roadmap with you.  I want to have success in your life and relationships.  Life is too short to stay stuck in a box you didn’t even create.  Let’s avoid a midlife crisis and tap into who you truly are.  You are allowed to be yourself.

It was such a treat to talk to Laura.  It was so lovely to get feedback from someone who really values what I am trying to do in the world.  I’m so pleased that I can help you discover an alternative to what we’ve been taught is the only right way.

Honesty, openness, and authenticity are such amazing values to live our lives by.  Imagine if we all put aside judgement and supported each other’s journeys in life.  What a different world it would be.  I hope that you are living your most authentic life.

If you aren’t yet , reach out to me.  Sign up for the Open Relationship Roadmap course now at . It’s an incredible value at just $69 dollars!!!  You can’t go wrong knowing exactly which path to take. If you prefer to talk with me and discuss your journey, book an Exploration call and we can customize a plan for you. 

Love, Karine

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