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The Perfect Storm (Part 1): Misplaced Life in America
Episode 25th October 2020 • Misplaced Life • Ginger Ramsey
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Hey everyone! IT'S TIME TO GET REAL! This episode is part 1 of 3 in a series that encapsulates how we see the events of 2020. It really has been "The Perfect Storm." Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were all home. We were all "tuned in" to the news and the national and global events and tragedies. "Miss Corona" set the stage and then, the Black Lives Matter movement escalated to a level of unprecedented proportions with the tragic deaths that occurred. All of those who were tuned in saw them for their very own eyes. They were already paying attention, and that made what happened undeniable.

Please listen in as we explore the impact and the exposure of the systemic racism that exists. We discuss how our own journeys and our levels of awareness (or lack thereof) have enabled the continuation of that racist system - oftentimes indirectly, but that's the point. We will also discuss our personal thoughts on how to move things forward and create positive, REAL change. We definitely "get real" with each other, but all from a place of love and the common desire to be better humans.

You'll also get to hear Donzell talk about his favorite "Karen" from his local Marshalls. Aren't you glad you aren't named Karen?

The journey isn't always easy, and 2020 has been a difficult, painful and tragic one for many people and for this country as a whole. We just hope that we are all learning and taking the necessary steps to grow and become a nation where all races - ALL people - are treated equally. One human love.

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Peace & Love - Ginger & Donzell



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