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#26 Everything I've learnt from animals - with Emelie Cajsdotter & Catherine Edwards
Episode 269th April 2023 • Live - Love - Learn with Catherine Edwards • Catherine Edwards
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Catherine is back with Emelie to explore the power that empathy can have in reconnecting ourselves with nature. They delve into the impact that our loss of connection and harmony can have on all aspects of our lives. Plus, Emelie shares tips on how to improve your relationship with your animals.

Check out the first episode with Emelie (#24), to learn more about empathic communication and why it's so important.

Episode Guest:

Emelie Cajsdotter founded Friskeröd in 1995, and has since then been responsible for the farm. She lives on the farm with her family and about 160 animals.

Emelie coordinates the work of taking care of all the animals on the farm, with non-profit labor helping her out and hay sponsorship that covers the cost of hay for all the animals. Emelie is a trained homeopath, but is above all a storyteller, with the aim of spreading the message of other species to people through stories. 

She has traveled all over the world, and studied and worked in many different places, such as Ireland, Jordan and New Zealand.

For a number of years, it has been possible to take part in various courses at Friskeröd where other species are responsible for the content. So far, hundreds of people have taken part in what other species have to teach us. The waiting list is long, hundreds more are standing in line.

Emelie has written three books, "Zander and the time", "All the king's horses and" "Song of the grass". She has participated in the Swedish television series ”The herd” and has been actively involved in the Mio podcast.

Books: All The Kings Horses



Key Moments:

  • 00:00 - Coming up… 
  • 01:28 - Why this episode is so important 
  • 04:21 - Meet my guest 
  • 07:05 - Are humans disconnected from the Earth?
  • 15:24 - Are we the only ones without connection?
  • 21:22 - Moving on from blame and shame
  • 23:41 - What can we learn from the elderly?
  • 33:07 - What actually is empathic interspecies communication?
  • 37:53 - How to practise this in your life 
  • 43:50 - Emelie’s tips on improving your animal relationships
  • 50:49 - How to help “Friends of Mio” 
  • 57:22 - Final thoughts

Key Takeaways:

  • Becoming more in tune with our animals can give us a greater appreciation of the world we live IN, not ON.
  • Animals can be so forgiving and are willing to work with us to create a better world where humans are more connected with nature.
  • Our own reality is not the reality of everything or everyone else.
  • We shouldn’t blame and shame ourselves, just try to do better.
  • Often, we don’t see the consequence of our actions because we’re wrapped up in our own feelings and not necessarily the reality of the situation.
  • Not everything must have an ‘end game’, sometimes it’s good to just ‘be’.
  • There’s a difference between ‘reading’ an animal and empathically connecting with them.
  • Even if we can’t spend much time with our animals, make sure you are fully present with them and make the most of the time you have.


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