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Celebrating Composers of Color
Episode 624th February 2021 • Beethoven walks into a bar... • Kansas City Symphony
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The year 2020 was challenging for the entire world. We were not only facing the largest pandemic in a century, but here in America we were also continuing the fight toward true equality. And this is certainly true in the musical world as it is in so many fields. For too long, many incredibly gifted composers have not had their powerful voices heard and represented enough in the vast canon of orchestral literature. In this week’s episode Mike, Stephanie, and Jason share with you our list of 10 composers of color whose music you should know. We hope that you will find their work as compelling, beautiful, and rich as we do. This week on Beethoven Walks into a Bar.

Celebrating Composers of Color – YouTube Playlist

Celebrating Composers of Color – Spotify Playlist

·      Michael Abels

·      Terence Blanchard

·      Valerie Coleman

·      Gabriela Lena Frank

·      Hannah Kendall

·      Daniel Kidane

·      Jessie Montgomery

·      Florence Price

·      Errollyn Wallen

·      Shelley Washington





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