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Rules for Election Years
1st January 2024 • Institute of Men • Keaton Tucker
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Rules for Election Years

If you thought 2020 was wild - well, this will probably be wilder.

  1. Assume you are not getting the full truth
  2. Be watchful for the abuse of words and language - “a woman’s right to choose”; protect democracy (we must do all we can to protect democracy, even if it means killing it”; 
  3. Everything will be twisted to blame the other party
  4. One podcast a week is probably sufficient 
  5. Watch the full speech by the candidate - don’t merely watch clips.
  6. Expect chaos, expect protests, expect tragedy
  7. Pray

11 Recommended Books

  1. Faith of the Early Fathers
  2. Live not by lies
  3. The Lord of the Rings
  4. Age of Entitlement
  5. Stages of a man’s life
  6. Rise and triumph of the modern self 
  7. The Everlasting Man
  8. The abolition of man
  9. Demons
  10. Brothers Karamazoz
  11. The Devil and Karl Marx

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The Institute of Men exists to build, strengthen, and form Christian men by helping them figure out what kind of man they want to be. We derive wisdom from what is ancient, traditional, and from the greatest men in history. 

You will develop character, morals, and a Christian worldview. You will also learn about your Christian heritage throughout history. This is a podcast for LEARNING and development.


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