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Long Covid - why SIBO matters, and how peptides and probiotics can help
Episode 2027th July 2022 • A Gut Feeling • Dave O'Brien & Jake Doleschal
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Here it is! The highly anticipated episode on long covid!

During the past 2 years we worked with many clients that were experiencing long covid symptoms and many of you still reach out to us daily on social media.

We realise this is a somewhat silenced topic, so please share this episode with anyone who may be experiencing these health issues.

Aspects of long covid that we dive into on this episode:

  • Symptoms you may be experiencing
  • What is happening in the body
  • Why your existing gut issues may be making you more susceptible (think SIBO)
  • Supplements we recommend

Our aim with this podcast is to educate you and provide you with tools to optimise your life by healing your gut.

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