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1931 – Unleashing Your Intuitive Superpower for Business Growth with Simone Wright
4th June 2024 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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Harnessing Intuition for Entrepreneurial Success

In a riveting episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show, I had the opportunity to converse with Simone Wright, a leading expert on intuition and its role in entrepreneurship. Simone, who has always been attuned to her intuitive intelligence, shared valuable insights from her book "First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition," highlighting how intuition can be a powerful asset in business. She emphasized the concept of intuition as a muscle that can be developed, and the necessity of being in a state of flow to enhance leadership skills. Simone Wright's perspective on creating mental space to foster flow was particularly impactful. She suggested that engaging in activities that relax the mind, such as walking or meditating, can unlock our intuitive insights. Moreover, she drew a parallel between the intuitive and innovative mind, suggesting that innovation stems from giving our intuition the space to process information. Our discussion also explored the intuitive abilities of animals and their natural disaster awareness, underscoring the widespread presence of intuitive intelligence. Wrapping up our enlightening discussion, Simone Wright offered guidance for entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their intuitive fitness, sharing a success story of a client who achieved remarkable business growth by tapping into their intuitive potential. For those seeking to delve deeper, Simone recommends her master class and book on entrepreneurial intuition, along with one-on-one coaching. As we concluded, I encouraged listeners to explore Simone's resources for further inspiration and to subscribe to our show for ongoing motivation in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

About Simone Wright:

Simone Wright is an internationally respected authority on Intuition, Evolutionary Creativity and Entrepreneurship. She started her first business at the age of 9 and has used her understanding of Intuition, Creativity and entrepreneurial focus to build a globally respected coaching and education business – and to become an internationally collected artist, who has become the highest selling artist of her kind in the world. Simone developed her Intuition ‘street cred’ by using her skills to successfully assist law enforcement in missing children’s cases and other criminal investigations. Her groundbreaking Intuition training program, and book, First Intelligence, have helped people from all walks of life (including established and emerging entrepreneurs, multi-million-dollar CEO’s and every level in between) develop profound Intuitive clarity, and Vision to help them expand their businesses in ways that are in alignment with the individual, not the crowd. She helps people SET the trends in their life and in business … not follow them. She has appeared in over 100 media outlets and been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

About First Intelligence (Book):

First Intelligence is a multifaceted language that communicates with and through us in a number of sophisticated yet elegant ways. The third P in the Peace/Perception/Precision triad ~ Precision ~ plays the strongest role in how we begin to effectively and consistently recognize the voice of our higher wisdom. Apply to be a Guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur:

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Want to learn more? Check out Simone Wright's website at Check out First Intelligence Book website at Check out Simone Wright on YouTube at Don’t forget to subscribe to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur and thank you for listening. Tune in next time!

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