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Jayden Toa-Maxwell on becoming a celebrity in Japan and caring for your supporters
Episode 2119th December 2022 • Jandals in Japan • Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell
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Jayden Toa-Maxwell filled out a questionnaire for a TV show and then found his life turned around when he was one of 17 men selected for the reality show: The Bachelorette Japan - Season 2. We hear from Jayden what it’s like when you become famous in Japan and how he is managing this as well as his rugby career. You’ll love this holiday episode of Jandals. Thank you to Jess Tisch at NZTE for the introduction!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Jayden made his way to Japan and the shock he got when he found out Japan wasn’t like in the movies
  • What has made Jayden successful in Japan
  • How taking an opportunity sent his life in a totally different direction
  • Jayden’s sense of duty of care for those people who support him and how Jayden takes this seriously in his life as a celebrity in Japan
  • What’s next for Jayden in 2023

About Jayden

Jayden Toa-Maxwell is 27 years old and from Hamilton, New Zealand. He attended school in Auckland at Dilworth College, a prestigious private boarding school in central Auckland that provides full scholarships to students who come from underprivileged backgrounds or struggling circumstances. After high school, Jayden arrived in Japan on a scholarship to attend university and play rugby. He attended Hakuoh University where he graduated with a degree in business management. During his university years he played for the Japan national sevens team. After graduation, Jayden joined the Yokogawa company rugby team where he still plays. In 2021, he was on The Bachelorette Japan - Season 2, a globally recognised reality TV show which has changed the trajectory of his life.

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