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Welcome to the Gun Show - Defensa Pty Ltd EPISODE 25, 12th October 2020
Zen and Art of Practical Pistol
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Zen and Art of Practical Pistol

We speak to Albert about his journey into the world of shooting and ultimately into the world of competitive shooting.

He shares insights into shooting philosophy and the training he provides to the South African sport-shooting community.

His biggest achievements and proudest moments in the sport. Views on the future of the sport and where he might be competing after the 2021 Worldshoot in Thailand.

We chat about lockdown blues and why we all love IPSC so much.

There’s some poking fun at Corn for an early stuff up, because we run a highly professional podcast.

And finally Albert drops a bomb at the very end of the show! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VVGGTG2

Contacting Albert: