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Groan Turismo
Episode 629th September 2023 • Automovie Podcast • Straight Six Media
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In this episode, Chris and Marty chat about Sky's new documentary Williams & Mansell: Red 5, the nominations for the Motor Film Awards 2023 are out, and Chris braves the brazen product placement to review the new Gran Turismo movie.

But first in the news, the Oscars of our world - the Motor Film Awards - have their nominations announced. Michael Mann's Ferrari has released a first trailer and we wonder; can Adam Driver really become Enzo?

Chris and Marty both watched the twinned stories of Mansell and Williams in Red 5. Marty has also been watched B is for Build do boats, Ratarossa and SamCrac rebuilding a slightly charred F430, and some idiots doing bad stuff to a Ferrari. Chris broke out a podcast of Toto Wolff on Desert Island Discs, lots of Daily Driven Exotics (and their half hour of daily content!) and Chris Harris monstering the Tuthill 911K.

Our review for this episode is Gran Turismo. I missed watching Oppenheimer in IMAX for this.

In "What has Henry Catchpole been up to this week?" Chris and Marty actually meet up with Henry at the first live recording of The Intercooler podcast! Henry also drove an OEM+ Tolman Peugeot 205!

For his pick, Chris went with the ever excited train enthusiast Downie Live who attended on the Canadian GP with the Alpine F1 team! His channel pick is from the Motor Film Awards nominations with the young but beautifully produced Misha on Wheels channel.

Marty picked another from Larry Chen highlighting Singapore's car culture, and highlighted the continuing, interesting, varied work from Driftworks! (Also their brilliant, deep dish energy merch!)

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