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What does Food Freedom mean and is it actually possible to achieve after a lifetime of dieting?
Episode 816th February 2022 • You Are Nourished • Lauren Gayfer
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Food freedom is a term that is used more and more, but what does it actually mean? There are lots of companies out there who profess to promise food freedom, but they are still setting rules and restriction around food, and that is not food freedom.

Today I want to help you understand what food freedom really means, how obsessing about food is leaving you miserable, and discuss whether it is possible to achieve a healthy relationship with food after a lifetime of dieting. So in this episode I’m sharing 3 small steps to help you start moving towards food freedom. If you’re fed up with feeling out of control around food and repeating the miserable cycle of starting diet after diet, this episode will help show you there is another way! 

“One meal does not make you healthy or unhealthy. It's the habits that we participate in every single day.”

- Lauren Gayfer

In This Episode:

  • Understand what food freedom means and what it looks like.
  • Hear real life examples of how someone with food freedom thinks, feels, behaves and acts.
  • Recognise the fears, stress, and anxiety that someone stuck in the prison of dieting experiences.
  • Appreciate how following strict rules and regulations around food makes you miserable and stops you from enjoying special occasions that should be fun.
  • Discover how to stop the damaging dieting behaviours that exacerbate feeling out of control around food.
  • Learn the small, achievable steps you can take towards a healthier relationship with food.

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