Adding to the Bottom Line with Wow Bao's Dark Kitchen Initiative
Episode 1614th October 2020 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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"We are very proud that we've been able to help restaurants survive right now. They’ve been able to keep the lights on, pay the rents, and keep employees with the success that we're having with our dark kitchen program." – Geoff Alexander

Before COVID hit, Wow Bao created an innovative dark kitchen program with the goal of giving small businesses like coffee shops and ice cream shops access to an easy food product to enhance their offerings. With COVID still wreaking havoc across the restaurant industry, this program has become a lifeline to many restaurant businesses looking for new ways to generate revenue and keep their doors open.

Geoff Alexander is the President and CEO of Wow Bao and joined us for this week’s edition of Order Up. Geoff explained the difference between a ghost kitchen and a dark kitchen, talked about how this business model is resale not franchise, and gave an overview of how their dark kitchen program works. Tune in for more information and sign up on Wow Bao’s site to bring the program to your restaurant.

  • (00:22) - Geoff Alexander, President & CEO at Wow Bao
  • (02:39) - Backdoor operations
  • (05:31) - Wow Bao's dark kitchen program
  • (09:06) - Continuing to evolve
  • (15:12) - Staying at the top of the algorithm
  • (20:57) - Coming together as an industry
  • (24:49) - Balance and safety

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