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Stationary Battery Applications Across Multiple Industries
Episode 3026th October 2022 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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The world is rapidly becoming more and more reliant on technology. We rely on technology for communication, commerce, and so much more. One of the most important aspects of our technological infrastructure is the stationary battery. Stationary batteries are used to provide backup power or continuous power to a facility. The Battery Blarney Duo, George and Allen, are joined by their colleague Peter DeMar to discuss the different types of stationary battery applications and how they are used across multiple industries.


Episode Highlight

01:23 Communications, power and data processing; they all rely very much on stationary batteries in order to maintain their service in the event of power outages.


07:21 We are totally dependent on electricity, communications and data centers. You lose any one of them, and half the world will stop it appears.


20:18 It’s absolutely the wrong thing to have in a utility application where it can be abused because of weather conditions.


29:01 Visual inspection, because you know, that’s when we see the other things that are going wrong that may not be indicated by monitoring static or active parameters.  


39:35 The concept of the electronic battery technician measuring just the parameters that Pete talked about but looking at them in a ratio basis and measuring the ratio between them and when that ratio started to change, you needed to go and check the battery which of course now is what basically the artificial intelligence is gonna be doing.


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