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The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast - By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré 8th April 2021
A Thoughtful Approach to Buying Properties with Jeff Stephens
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A Thoughtful Approach to Buying Properties with Jeff Stephens

#184: How do you start investing in real estate or buying your own house? Where do you find properties that are off the market? This episode will give you the answers and provide great insights on real estate investing. Tune in and learn from today’s guest Jeff Stephens, a real estate entrepreneur and host of the Racking Up Rentals podcast. Find out how relationship-building and sophistication can get you the best deals. Plus, you get to understand how to leverage seller financing in real estate. 

Top 3 Things You'll Learn:

  1. Creative approach to dealing with motivated sellers
  2. What’s so great about seller financing 
  3. The art of asking the right questions 


About Our Guest:

Jeff Stephens is the Founder of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur and host of the podcast “Racking Up Rentals.”Jeff is a full-time real estate entrepreneur and real estate investing mentor, coach, and podcaster. Jeff’s focus—both as a real estate entrepreneur and a coach to others—is on growing a rental portfolio that builds long-term wealth through the timeless fundamentals of relationship and negotiation directly with the seller.

Connect with Jeff  - The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur:

Website: http://www.thoughtfulre.com

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/thoughtful

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thoughtfulre

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thoughtfulrealestate