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You are braver than you think!
Episode 2323rd January 2024 • the Daily Quote • Andrew McGivern
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Hello and welcome to January 23rd! I'm Andrew McGivern and You're listening to The Daily Quote, I'm happy to have you here as we seek out inspiration to guide us through our days. Each moment offers a new opportunity to grow and learn, and I'm grateful to share this journey with you.

Did you know that today is National Pie Day, a delightful day dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of pies in all their forms? Whether sweet or savory, pies have a way of bringing comfort and joy, symbolizing the warmth and love that go into preparing food for ourselves and others.

Just ahead, a quote from the beloved children's author, A.A. Milne:

A.A. Milne once said,

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Milne's encouraging words, often spoken by the wise Winnie the Pooh, remind us of the inner strength and courage that we all possess. Like the layers of a pie, we have more depth and resilience than we might initially perceive. It's a message of self-belief and empowerment, urging us to recognize and embrace our capabilities.

Today, as we savor the comfort of pies and the uplifting message from A.A. Milne, let's reflect on our own strengths and the inner resources we have to face life's challenges. What makes you brave? In what ways are you strong? How have you demonstrated your intelligence and creativity? Today, celebrate those qualities and carry them forward with pride.

As we conclude today's episode, I hope you feel inspired to believe in yourself more fully and to embrace the strength that lies within. Thank you for spending part of your January 23rd with me.

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Remember, every day is an opportunity to be kind to yourself and to recognize the wonderful person you are.



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