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We’re Talking Inclusion and Least Restrictive Environment with Courtney Hansen
Episode 205th January 2021 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Do you ever wonder how the experts do it?  What if  a poli-sci major that worked as a journalist and knew how to get the bottom of things got a Masters degree in education and then had a child with Down syndrome?  How would SHE advocate for inclusion?  Friends, meet Courtney Hansen, Rockstar Inclusion Advocate!  

Courtney joins me in this week’s episode to talk all things Inclusion.  Her story as a mother to twins, one of whom has Down syndrome, is where we start, because the fact that her boys are twins is the fuel behind her advocacy fire.  Courtney’s unique spin on inclusion sure left me inspired and contemplative.  

In this discussion Courtney addresses lots of FAQs about inclusion like: Why does inclusion work? How can school staff and parents collaborate to build the best inclusive plan for a child?  And what strategies do you use to help families get more inclusive placements for students on IEPs?  

Courtney talks a lot about relationships and the importance of really describing your child to his or her teachers.  She encourages parents to work hard on their Parent Interest Statements, to communicate with teachers and school staff, and to get involved in school.  Her specific examples are super helpful, and if you’re looking for a place to start, you could download my free guide on writing Parent Interest statements here.  

Want to know more about Inclusion?  Check out the Inclusion Workshop and download Episode 7, where we talk about LRE and inclusion, as well!

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