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Facebook & Australia Fighting, 3D Metal Printing, YouTube Expanded Parental Controls and Fortnite Paying You! [BONUS] At the end!
Episode 1125th February 2021 • Cricket's Campfire • Ben Beach
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Facebook & Australia just can't seem to agree on what's fair for news publishers quite yet, causing what some have called the "splinternet." 3D printing folks might know that plastic can be fairly strong but it has it's limits still. A new company is coming out with a solution that involves 3D printing metal. YouTube has expanded parental controls for the "teen" group, allowing better control between "Kids" and "Adults". Finally, Fortnite has begun paying out 1,000 V-bucks or Rocket League Bucks to anyone who has purchased a blind loot-box in the past. At the end, we will feature the intro-story music as it has a didgeridoo in it!

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