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13. The Australian school system & our daughters. Interview with Jenny Cleary
Episode 1312th June 2023 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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In this episode Jane and Jenny share their stories advocating for their daughters in the Australian school system. Both in public and private schools. What works, what doesn't and why the system fails our little girls. We cover everything from the over worked teachers under fire from parents, principals and the kids, the ratio of teachers aides in schools and how each school gets a different amount of funding. Is the Australian school system flawed at its core? Jenny talks about her 10 year old girl being given academic awards at school whilst having a complete mental health breakdown at home and how no one believed her it was happening. Thankfully this episode finishes on a positive note that Jenny's daughter has had a full recovery and how Jenny helped her overcome it.

*Trigger warning, Jenny does briefly mention suicide ideation of her daughter* (However there is a happy ending)


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