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Make Money Your Buddy as a Music Teacher
Episode 1952nd May 2022 • The Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast | Proven and practical tips, strategies and ideas for music teachers • Nicola Cantan
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Do you struggle with your mindset around money? Do you feel like you don’t have a good grasp over your finances or never quite seem to make enough as a music teacher?

It’s not surprising many music teachers struggle to make enough money and end up taking on day jobs to pay the bills. And that’s not because teaching music is inherently unprofitable.

It’s because we don’t talk about money.

We don’t face it head-on and say, “Hey, money, wanna be my friend?” 😍

So. Why not? Why do so many of us avoid even thinking about our finances?

I believe there are three biases that might be making you think of money as your enemy. 

  1. You’re an artist.
  2. You’re on a mission.
  3. You’re female.

Even just one of those things means that society has taught you that money should be neither seen nor heard. And if you’re three for three? Well, that’s a tough one and I’ve been there. 

But none of those things should mean that you can’t make a good income, if we stop and think about it.

The gender pay gap is very real, but I don’t think any of us think it’s how things should be. (If you do think women should be paid less for the same work or that the jobs women tend to do have a lower value, please just go away. Thanks!)

Having a greater purpose behind our work shouldn’t mean that we don’t get paid properly, either. 

We need good people to do good work. In order for those people to have the mental space to do that work, they need to not be worrying about money.

And, finally, we need artists. At the risk of making you blush, humanity needs you to create beautiful things and teach other people to create beautiful things. 

Otherwise, honestly, what is the point of it all anyway? The folks trading on wall street and investing in silicon valley have nothing to play with if artists don’t create.

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